Second Half Marathon Training

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
After the great experience I had at my first half marathon last month at Space Coast, I’ve decided to take on another one! I may be crazy, but hey, we all are a bit I think. Space Coast was a bit rough at times, but I have to say, I’ve been wanting to do another one in early 2012. Within a day or two of Space Coast, I was already thinking about it. In fact, I’m already registered for the next one. I’ll be doing the Orange Blossom Half on March 4th in Tavares.

I’m already getting a training plan in place for the race. Originally, I was just going to wait until January 1st to begin my training, but I’ve now decided to start on Christmas day. Since I’m going to be running this one, I need to get the miles when I can. It will have been about a month since Space Coast, so that’s a good rest period for my body (well, I hope since I had said I wasn’t going to do any hard training the rest of 2011 J ). The first week of the training won’t be too hard anyway, so I’m not too concerned about pushing too much.

Here’s the plan I’m going to go with after some advice from friends who are more experienced runners.
Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 CT
3 miles CT 3 miles off 4 miles
2 CT off 3 miles
CT 3 miles
off 6 miles
3 CT
3 miles
3 miles
off 7 miles
4 CT
off 3 miles
3 miles
off 8 miles
5 CT
off 4 miles
3 miles off 6 miles
6 CT
4 miles CT
4 miles
off 4 miles with MM
7 CT
off 4 miles
CT 4 miles off 8 miles
8 CT
3 miles
CT 3 miles off 10 miles
9 CT
off 4 miles
CT 4 miles off 6 miles
10 CT
off 3 miles CT
2 miles easy walk off

I’m still up for any further advice to make my training as good as possible. My longest run will be 10 miles which is okay. Not too concerned about the last 5k, I figure worst case scenario is that I can simply walk most of it. But, I doubt that will happen less for potentially more rest breaks. The ten miler on week 8 will be a good test on where I am at that time with the run-walk-run. I’m excited about the race already and it’s more than two months away!


Maddy said...

Glad to see you picked another half! I'm also planning on running the Orange Blossom 1/2. It's a really pretty course!

Good luck with your training!

Shannon said...

Nice! Yeah, Yolanda and Kitzzy tell me it's a good one to do and it's small. I really had a good time at Space Coast, and I look forward to being able to run-walk-run now. Thanks!

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