Fitness Goals

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I've been meaning to make a blog post about my goals for 2011, but due to being sick, I hadn't had a chance to write anything up until now. Receiving my 2010 Year-End Report from Daily Mile this morning in my inbox was definitely motivation not only to get this blog written today, but for the coming weeks and months of 2011.
According to my Daily Mile report, I ran/walked/biked 189 miles in 2010. That's over 3 miles a week when you do the math. Obviously, I want to do a lot better than that in 2011, and I know that I can and will do so. I think my back injury pulled me down a lot last year, but that injury isn't going to run my life in 2011. It may have been a rocky start with being sick in the first days of the new year, but that is not a roadblock that cannot be overcome. That said, I am giving myself a goal of walking at least 400 miles in 2011. Something I see as easily doable if I walk about 8 miles each week. Considering that on a good week, I like to walk 8 to 12 miles, I'm confident that I will accomplish my goal.
Other fitness-related goals for 2011 include increasing my mileage so that I can do my first 10k race. This is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I originally thought, with my sciatica taking over when I attempt to do more than 3.1 miles in a single walking session. However, I am not going to give up on achieving this goal. It may take me a lot longer to hit 6 miles, but I can and will do it. This is my first distance goal for the year which I hope will lead to later training to do a 1/2 marathon within a year.
Last year, I participated in eight local races (registered for 9, as I ended up not being able to run or walk the Corporate 5k). As far as 2011 goes, since I plan on moving out of Florida in a few months, I am not planning too far ahead with races at this time, but my tentative schedule is:
**Lady Track Shack 5k on February 5th
**Run Around the Pines 5k on February 19th
**Winter Park Road Race on March 26th
The February races are pretty much a lock, as I'm definitely doing the Lady Track Shack 5k. I had an awesome time doing that race last year, as it was my first actual race that got me hooked. It's a great ladies-only race that I recommend to all Central Florida ladies, runner or walker.

2011 Has Arrived!

Sunday, January 2, 2011
And, it's starting out giving me challenges to overcome already. There's only been a day and a half of 2011 and I've already felt as though I wanted a do-over of New Year's Eve.

That said, I know that's not possible. Well, unless someone has a time machine like a Delorean or a phone booth with such capabilities. So, I have taken a deep breath a few times and am doing my best to push forward. I have a lot of fitness-related plans for this year, and I refuse to give up on those goals. I am going to do a 10k, even if it takes me longer than I had hoped to make it happen. Just going to have to take it one day at a time.

What about you? Any fitness plans for this year? Are you one who wants to lose weight? Or, do you have plans to do a marathon or some other distance race? I'd love to hear about it. We need goals and challenges in order to continue to push ourselves and do better. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. 
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