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Monday, December 5, 2011
After being out of running for over a year, I'm finally going to be a runner again! As you may know if you read a previous entry about my longing to run again, I've missed the sport a great deal. Last month, one of the running podcasts I listen to had a write-in question about running after herniating your back. The doctor, who is an sports endurance specialist informed the person that yes, they most likely could run again after some down time.

My interest was extremely up after hearing that. Could I be running again? I had to know. So, after getting a recommendation from a running friend on a back doctor, I made an appointment. Today, I saw the doctor. After looking over my MRI and other records, he informed me that he didn't see any reason why I could not. Further, I'd probably not experience much more discomfort or soreness than I do now with my power walking. The worst case scenario would be that I'd need the shots again (which I may need anyway) or surgery in the future. He said, I should live life and do what I love. His advice really made my day. I walked out of the office with a big smile on my face.

So now, my return to running regime begins. I'm going to use the Jeff Galloway method so I can do a run-walk-run routine which will also be easier on my body I think. And, I'm already planning my second half marathon. I'll be doing the Orange Blossom Half in March. Will be great to do my second half marathon as a runner. :)


Nicole said...

That's wonderful news! I can't wait to read about your progress!

Shannon said...

Thanks, I'm so happy! How about you, any running in your future?

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