Day One...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today was my first day running again. I decided to just go out and do an easy two miles. Out a mile, then back. Seemed easy enough. I could even picture the route in my head. No problem, I'd done that out and back mile numerous times walking.

Well, what I thought would be easy ended up being a bit rougher than I anticipated. I walked for a minute or so, then started to jog. My back decided it was going to go numb and not want to go out and play. Great, I thought, what a nice way to start. I kept going though, telling myself that I had been numb a few times before when I had just been walking, so maybe it would calm down. It didn't calm down, but I was able to kind of grin and bear it. I ended up doing the run-walk-run throughout that first mile and it went okay despite my complaining back. I did have a bit of a struggle with breathing, but I figured that was to be expected since I was picking up the pace and hey, I was running not walking.

I got to the end of the first mile and was around a 13 min/mile with the run-walk-run method. Okay, not great, but not horrible for my first mile back I told myself and turned around to head back home. The second mile was fairly similar to how I felt during mile one. I didn't plan well enough on my intervals, so I ended up just sort of picking points to run to basically. Was happy to finish at just over 26 minutes for both miles combined.

So, this was a good learning experience for me. It told me where I am in that I need to do some conditioning most likely before shooting for longer running intervals. And, I need to find a way to let myself know when I need to run until I get my Garmin for Christmas. Might see if there's a podcast I can use for the next couple of weeks or so for that. I'm not disappointed with myself because hey, I got some running in! I know with training that I'll be faster before I know it. Just need to listen to my body and do the work.


Kitzzy said...

I don't suggest you grin and bare it when you are starting out. You do not want to throw out your back and not be able to run once again. Take it easy and build back up slowly. Speed should not matter right now, just endurance.

I use a gymboss for my intervals, even when I wear my Garmin, which you can get online or at track shack. Even though the garmin can do intervals, you then won't have mile splits and such because the splits will be based on the intervals, so most of us in the program use this separate timer instead.

Shannon said...

True enough. I'm going to be careful and ease into things. Might need to do 10sec runs or something to start out. Whatever it takes to get myself used to it again. I'm definitely not wanting to re injure myself!

I'll check out that gymboss, thanks for the suggestion, something like that will definitely help.

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