T-Minus 8 Days To Race Blast Off!

Friday, November 18, 2011
I’m beginning to visualize race day now. At least I’m attempting to do so. I’m trying to imagine what the experience will be like, at least the overall jest of it. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible and not let myself get too worried.
I already have come to the realization that I’ll get little to no sleep the night before due to not only the excitement of the race, but due to the travel time it is going to take to get to Cocoa Beach. Because of this, I’m planning on getting as much sleep as I can the day or two prior. I am still working out the logistics of that though, as I work the Friday before and will working until 8pm. So, it’s going to be a challenge to not want to sleep in on Saturday. Although, maybe that is the best way to do things that day…again, I’m still working the details out on that.
Beyond the whole sleeping situation, I’m visualizing that big jumbo screen with the space shuttle blasting off as we start the race. That is something I’m definitely looking forward to seeing and experiencing. Then, I plan on just taking each mile as they come. I have done 13 miles in my training and while it is not the easiest to do, I’m more than capable of doing it again. Staying positive, and having a good time will make my first half marathon experience all that much better. I’m thankful that I’ll have friends there with me that day doing the full marathon, and I also look forward to being there to see them cross that finish line.
Tomorrow morning, I’ve got my last real mileage workout before the race. I am scheduled to do 6-miles before slowing down for the real tapering next week. I’m planning on enjoying it and using it to continue to picture how great race day is going to be, how awesome I’m going to feel crossing the finish line and getting that neat, beautiful medal.


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